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Sports Game Producer


- Develop proposals and pitch new sports game concepts

- Direct the team in all areas of production including planning, UI/UX, art, and development

- Optimize and advance game development process

- Build your development team organization

- Global market, genre, game analysis

- Live game indicator analysis and development plan/direction

- Coordination of work with relevant departments

  Eligibility Requirements    

- Deep and broad insight into sports games

- A clear sense of purpose for the sports game market, genre, and understanding of users

- Broad understanding and experience in UI/UX, art, and technology for planning

- Experience in leading game development teams


- Sports game development/launch/live experience

- Ability to direct all product areas including planning, UI/UX, art, and development

- New game development PD experience

- Ability to analyze live indicators and develop development plan

- Experience and leadership in leading development team organizations

  How to apply   

Email resume, portfolio and cover letter to

- Please specify the following information in the subject line:[433_Field of Application_Name]

- Please DO NOT include any personal information such as the last digit of your residence card number, salary information, and family information in your application.


- All documents except portfolio should be integrated into one file (MS Word or PDF).

- If the size of your portfolio exceeds 10MB, you can share the link to your portfolio.

- Due to the high volume of applications, only those who have passed will be notified.

- All resumes are kept for 2 years from the date of submission, but can be destroyed immediately upon request by the applicant.

- All resumes are automatically registered in the talent database, and we will contact you with priority when a suitable position is opened.